sábado, 11 de octubre de 2014

note to self: use a decent camara

 This is my classmate, Leti, and i really like her outfit that day so tried to take a  photo with my phone. Awful quality, i'm sorry.
Ella es Leti, mi compañera de estudios, no es una foto muy buena, el outfit me encantó.
This is me, didn't have time to take a decent pic, that necklace is so special because you can change its shape, and mu blouse is actually a skirt, 
Aquí estoy yo, el collar es moldeable y me encanta, la bluse es en realidad una falda a la que le añadí unos tirantes.

I´ve got a lot to show you, keep visiting, muah!
Tengo cosas nuevas que enseñaros, seguid atentos!

3 comentarios:

Jules dijo...

You girls both look great!

Jules x

Whitney V dijo...

That necklace looks really pretty! U must take a close up so we can see it better! ;)



Olivia Aimes dijo...

Great style and blog!